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Without the video projections and the musical score, the room is pretty much a black and white box, a very special black and white box that comes to life when the installation is turned on. 

Jennifer Tsukayama in the newly completed room
Jennifer Tsukayama spends some time in the newly created "black box" that will soon be home to the Paper Interiors Installation.
Fabric elements provide additional texture and add to the experience when moved by simple oscillating fans.  
CJ Kazilek showing off some of the installed fabric pannels
Giant fabric panel in the installation.
The Spandex fabric provides a highly reflective surface to project onto. Its translucence also adds to the undulating environment. The strength and stretchability are important characteristics of the fabric.
Gene Valentine inspecting the final room layout and paint design.
Behind the paint, fabric, and plywood, are the computer systems that deliver the 3-D images along with the original musical score.
Setting up the projection systems in the room to bring the installation to life.
CJ Kazilek checks the placement of one of the fabric panels.

  Paper Interiors Installation - | C | S | O | I |

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