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521 CE BoŽthius introduces Greek musical letter notation to the West.
535  Earliest Chinese roll paintings in Tun-huang (landscapes).
550  Aesop dies.
610  Papermaking introduced into Japan via Korea from China.
640  Arabs find at Alexandria the famous library with 300,000 scrolls; the book copying industry destroyed in the following year.
650  Chinese begin to use lamp-black ink for taking rubbings, which leads to introduction of wood blocks for printing.
700  Sizing introduced to give paper strength and cut down "feathering" of ink.
c. 700  Easter eggs come into use among Christians.
701  Li Po, the great Chinese poet, born.
707   Paper from China being used in Mecca.
731  Mayan Golden Age begins.
748  First printed newspaper appears in Peking.
750  Papermaking reaches Samarkand before 750, apparently revealed by Chinese prisoners of war.
c.750  Beds start to become popular in France and Germany.
751  Papermaking introduced in the Islamic world.
770  Earliest instance of text printing upon paper, the million printed dh ran of the Empress Shotoku. The paper was made from hemp and the blocks used in the printing may have been of wood, metal, stone, or porcelain. While the work was actually executed in Japan, it was accomplished under Chinese influence and therefore this earliest of all text printing upon paper should be regarded as almost purely of Chinese origin.
778  Charlemagne defeated by the Basques at Roncevalles in the Pyrenees.
793  Papermaking reaches Baghdad. Introduced by Harun-al-Rashid (766?-809), who acquired skilled artisans from China for the purpose.
800  Charlemagne named Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day; Irish travelers reach Iceland.
800  Paper used in Egypt.
807  Paper made in Kyoto, Japan.
810  Persian scientist and mathematician Muhammed ibn Musa al Chwarazmi writes a book on equations and coins the term "algebra."
834  Danes raid England.
840  Danish settlers found Dublin and Limerick.
850  Gampi (Wikstroemia canescens) bark used for the first time in Japan as a papermaking fiber.
850  Groups of Jews settle in Germany and begins to develop their own language: Yiddish.
861  Norsemen reach Iceland.
863  Cyril and Methodius start their work in Moravia and invent a Slavic alphabet: the Cyrillic.
868  Earliest printed book, the Diamond Sutra, printed by Wang Chieh. The roll, the original form of the true Chinese book, is sixteen feet in length.
875  Toilet paper used in China.
895  Earliest known Hebrew manuscript of the Old Testament.
900  Paper made in Egypt, using Chinese methods.
950  Paper used in Spain; papermaking reaches Damascus and Cairo. About this time, too, the Chinese began to make use of the first folded books.
950  Constantinus Cephalas collects the "Palatine Anthology."
969  Earliest recorded mention of playing cards (China).
972  Founding of Cairo University.
1000  Leif Ericsson's voyage to Vinland (Nova Scotia).

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