500 dancers, 57 works vie for honors at festival

By Kenneth LaFave


Five hundred dancers from 37 schools converge on Arizona State University this week for the Southwest Region American College Dance Festival.

Of the 57 works to be performed during the four-day festival, the public will get to see 10. Which 10 will not be known until the Saturday performance.

"Each school is bringing one or two works to be judged by a panel of three experts," says Jennifer Tsukiyama, whose Upheaval is one of the works in contention for performance.

Tsukiyama, on ASU's dance faculty, has one advantage over other contestants: Even if Upheaval doesn't make the final 10, the public still will see a different work of hers.

Paper Interiors, an interdisciplinary piece produced by ASU's Institute for Studies in the Arts, will be performed four times in two days as a non-competitive festival event. The work combines Tsukiyama's choreography with images created by papermaker Gene Valentine and photographer Charles Kazilek.

Kazilek shot close-up photos of Valentine's hand made papers, which used such fibrous textures as yucca, agave, silk, cattails and wasp nests. He then digitally transformed them into images viewable as 3-D pictures with red-blue anaglyph glasses - plain old "3-D glasses."

The movement seemingly will take place inside the picture, Tsukiyama says. Eventually, the dancers get absorbed and disappear into the paper.

The festival is the largest of nine regional festival events in the United States.

Arizona Republic, Wednesday 13, 2002

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