This project chronicles handmade and mould made paper images produced by a scanning-laser confocal microscope. This type of microscopy is unsurpassed for producing sharp three-dimensional images and allows us to see not just surface features, but often all the way through the sheet. The microscope scans successively deeper layers of a specimen and then uses a computer to assemble the various images into a single composition. This technique eliminates blurring and scatter. The resulting compositions have proved to be not just helpful in understanding how the fibers are interlaced within a specific paper, but are also esthetically of interest as works of art.

All about the Paper Project People

Charles Kazilek has been a member of the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University since 1985. He is currently the Executive Director of K-12 Outreach at Arziona State University. He conducts workshops dealing with scientific data presentation and advanced bioimaging. His daily scientific work is complemented by his fine arts activities as a painter and photographer

Gene Valentine (b: July 29, 1938 | d: February 22, 2022) was Professor Emeritus of English at Arizona State University and proprietor (since 1979) of the Almond Tree Press and Paper Mill in Tempe, Arizona. His interest in the interior structure of his own silk and cellulose fiber papers led to his current collaboration with Charles Kazilek and their work with the Leica scanning-laser confocal microscope at Arizona State University.

Jennifer Tsukayama  is the Vice President at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and is the founder of tsukayama dance collaborative (tdc). tdc’s credits include a wide range of projects which integrate dance and new media to site specific works. She has toured and performed with artists from across the United States and taught in schools and festivals both nationally and internationally. tdc’s repertory can be found in companies in the United States and Mexico.

Confocal images were produced in the William M. Keck Bioimaging Laboratory, located in the School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University.

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The Paper Project
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