Guide to Confocal Imaging
at Home and in the Classroom

Array of confocal images of paper

Yes, you can make your own confocal projections and movies using the software and data sets from the Paper Project. Below are the links to the data sets and the imaging software. Once you have experimented with the different ways you can view images from a confocal microscope you will have better idea of how powerful a tool it is in biological imaging. 

Guide to Confocal Imaging at Home and in the Classroom
| PDF file ~700kb |

Data Sets

confocal image of pollen grain confocal image of silk paper


Silk Paper Ch0
Silk Paper Ch1

Imaging Software

We recommend Confocal Assistant for PC users since it is very small and focuses mainly on processing confocal image data sets. It does not have a manual. So we have developed a basic instructions to get you up and running and have included it in the Guide to Confocal Imaging at Home and in the Classroom. Even though you do not have a confocal microscope of your own, this is really where the fun begins for those of us that do have one.

We also list links to some very excellent  free imaging software that you might like to try once you get started. 

Confocal Assistant (PC only) | Download Link  | ZIP file

self extracting file

| Download Link  | EXE file
Scion Image (PC only) | Download Page |
Scion Image (Mac only) | Download Page |
NIH Image (Mac only) | Download Page |

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