The first exhibit of large canvas images from the Paper Project was shown at the Arizona State University Computing Commons Gallery. The images below are from the opening of the exhibit. In addition, a lecture was given prior to the opening. The web version of the digital materials can be viewed here.

Gene Valentine and CJ Kazilek Gallery Sign
Vistors viewing in 2-D and 3-D
Touching a virtual projection Visitor Viewing Prints and Paper

Take a Virtual Tour

Visitors with high speed connections and those with some patience can visit the Face of Paper exhibit. These private tours are possible with Quicktime VR (virtual reality) movies. Click on any of the images below and follow the instructions. To take this tour you need Quicktime version 4 or higher. The approximate download time for each movie via modem (28.8) is five minutes.

Get Quicktime Icon Link

Gallery Entrance QTVR Gallery SW QTVR
Gallery NE QTVR Gallery NW QTVR

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