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A little more about the collaborators behind Paper Interiors.

Jacqueline Benard (costume designer) is a costume designer for the ASU Dance Department, specializing in handpainted textile design. Working on the Paper Interiors created exciting possibilities in the realm of costume design. 
Sheilah Britton is Arts Research Administrator for the Institute for Studies in the Arts. She was responsible for scheduling, timelines, and meetings. She has written, produced, and directed a feature on the project that will air on KAET-TV (PBS) Thursday 2 May at 7:30pm as part of ASU Research Review (the program repeats on Sunday 5 May at 4pm).  
Patrica Clark (multimedia artist) is the Digital Imaging Lab Manager for the ISA and has spent the past twenty years working in analog and digital media. She specializes in video post production and image compositing, working collaboratively on many interdisciplinary projects throughout the year. She served as our video guru for the Paper Interiors performance.  
Emily Finch (dancer) graduated from ASU with a degree in dance education. She is a founding member of the Venture Dance Collective and is currently teaching and performing around the Phoenix Valley.
Angela Hill (dancer) is from Knoxville, TN, where she performed and choreographed with Circle Modern Dance and Appalachian Ballet Company. She earned her BFA in dance education from ASU. Currently she teaches all over the Phoenix Valley and is a co-founder of Venture Dance.
Autumn Horrocks (dancer) is from Michigan where she trained as a gymnast. Upon her retirement from competitive gymnastics, she entered the dance program at ASU where she earned her BFA in choreography.  She is also a founding member of Venture Dance Collective.  
Todd Ingalls (multimedia artist) received his BM and MM from Arizona State University in music composition. He is skilled in web technologies, telematics/teleperformance, motion sensing, sound design, music composition, and interactive video. He was the early video guru for Paper Interiors.  
Assegid Kidané has designed and fabricated numerous pieces of equipment used for stage lighting control boards, wireless data communication devices for performers, and a laser- fence-based guidance system for blind performers. For Paper Interiors he developed the Video Orienting and Placement Device (VOPD).  

CJ Kazilek (biologist/artist) began the Paper Project with Gene Valentine in 1999. His background in bioimaging and fine art lead to their collaborative exploration of paper interiors.

David Lorig (solutioneer) is a member of the production staff of the Institute for Studies in the Arts. He is a graduate of the sculpture program at Northern Arizona University, with a background in theatre. His interests lie in the melding of art and technology.
Sophia Martinez-Jensen (dancer) earned her BFA in dance education from ASU's Dance Department. She is a co-founder and member of the Venture Dance Collective, a dance organization focusing on taking dance out of its usual settings and bringing it to a broader audience.
Galina Mihaleva (costume designer) is a costume designer in the ASU Dance Department. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, majoring in fashion and textile design. This project is inspiring her to create a future fashion show utilizing these 3-D images.  
George Pawl (solutioneer) has a degree in technical theater and for 20 years has worked with art and technology. For the last seven years he has been part of the Production Department at the Institute for Studies in the Arts.
Kelly Phillips (solutioneer) is a member of the production staff at the Institute for Studies in the Arts. She was the Technical Director in the performance space at the Baltimore Museum of Art. She holds a bachelor's degree in traditional theatrical design, which she is augmenting with research into new design techniques, technologies, and philosophies.  
Frances Salas is the Business Manager for the Institute for Studies in the Arts. She was the controller of the Paper Interiors finances.


Jennifer Tsukayama (choreographer) is the founder and artistic director of Tsukayama Dance Collaborative (TDC). She's a professor in the Arizona State University Dance Department.
Gene Valentine (papermaker/artist) is the other half of the Paper Project. His curiosity about the binding properties of silk paper lead to his collaboration with CJ Kazilek.

In addition to the core collaborators, Paper Interiors also had assistance from the following people.
Laural Casler
Matt Coon
Steve Kostell
Emily Puthoff
Oguzhan Cifdaloz
Cameo Hill
Dennis McDaniel
Anne Rowsey


Paper Interiors was made possible by a grant from the Institute for Studies in the Arts and with generous support from CCS Presentations Systems, Holman's Inc., American Paper Optics, W.M. Keck Bioimaging Laboratory and the Life Sciences Visualization Laboratory

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