Paper Project PowerPoint Show
& Notes

Many teachers that like to use the Paper Project in their classroom have asked if we have a presentation they could use. We can now say "yes." We have linked two files on this page. One is the PowerPoint presentation and the other is a PDF file with the teacher notes and suggestions for discussions when using the presentation. We do ask that you send us a quick note letting us know you are going to use these in your class and about how many students it will impact. We also welcome your suggestions for improving and or adding to the classroom materials.

Please note that the second part of the presentation requires 3D glasses. You can have students make their own glasses using our 3D glasses template. You can also order glasses from American Paper Optics. In some cases they have extra cut-out glasses that you can purchase for the cost of shipping and handling.

Paper Project Classroom Presentation Materials:

Adobe PDF Slide Show | click to play | right click to download | 11MB

Lecture Notes also in PDF format | click here to open and print | 800KB


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