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Below we have placed a small sample of the images from the Paper Project. Many of the images have both traditional 2-D images and also a 3-D version. To view the 3-D version requires red-blue anaglyph glasses. In some cases there are movies that also provide a three dimensional perspective of the sample. Just select any of the thumbnail images below, by clicking on them with your mouse.

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Gampi and Daffodil Fijian Tapa Eco Songs Slipcase Flax and unknown fiber Barrel Cactus
Cattails Chauke Heavy Silk Tissue Sugikawa and Tengujyo Taiten Natural
Kensella - Kinwashi Paper made by wasps Silk Yucca Cornhusk
BFK Rives, white German Etching Arches Cover Green Cotton Roma Green Veronse


You can also try some movies that show three dimensional rotations. Keep in mind that these are large files. If you are connected with a modem you will need to be patient.

Silk Paper Movie Gampi and Daffodil Paper Mulberry

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