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Web Gallery - Australian Paper Fibers

These are some of the newer images we have added from our Australian fiber study. Many of the images have traditional 2-D images and also a 3-D version. To view the 3-D version requires red-blue anaglyph glasses. To see a larger view, click with your mouse on any of the thumbnail images below.

Fan Palm Fibers Wattle Fibers Fat Hen Fibers
Soft Tree Fern Fibers Spiny-headed mat rush Kangaroo Grass Fibers
Wattle Fibers 150X Flat Drain Sege Fibers Stringybark Fibers Porcupine Grass Fibers
Kangaroo Paw Fibers Porcupine Grass Fibers
Red Azolla White Clover Fibers White Clover Fibers Silver Top Wallaby Grass Fibers
Stringybark Fibers Artichoke?? Fibers

Paper samples from the sample book of Marianne Little

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